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Abandoned Journal

I just realized that I really haven't posted an entry on here for a while. Nothing much has happened this summer after I graduated. I just got lazy. Sure I took a chem class at city, but that's done and over with. Now I'm just this sloth.

I haven't really gone anywhere, unlike YEN who just went on a kickass road trip down to SoCal - natural hot spring, ocean kayaking, puking at a restaurant, hiking, etc.


1 more month until school starts and I'm already getting cold feet. Did I make the right choices? Will I be happy here? What exactly do I want to do in life?

Should probably go to bed early since I have to start packing this week. My mom has been on me about that since my uncle from Hawaii is going to visit us and stay for a couple of days, meaning he gets my room and I sleep on the couch.


Actually, I think my brain has melted this summer. I should really start hitting the books again...


Four years of high school have been summed up into one giant mug. Wish I could take a picture of this ugly thing, but my camera is broken. All for my small ass 6 letter name to be printed at the very bottom....

Back to LJ

Wow, I haven't updated this thing for so long. I just abandoned it completely. The only reason why I'm back here is because my blog is down since my host hasn't paid her server or something. I'm not exactly sure what's happening, but I'm not too worried about it.

So, what has been happening in my life?

  • I'm finishing up junior year of high school. Just a month away from summer vacation!
  • I got an internship at Kaiser Permanente, which starts as soon as school is over.
  • I'm still in ROTC. I'm now the Cadet Group Commander, which basically the top dog.
    So all those silly people you see in uniform, yeah I'm in charge of them.
  • I just finished taking the AP exams. Calculus was alright. Physic was the suicide of my nerd self since I went in knowing that I was going to fail.
  • I joined the Track and Field team at school and the season just ended. I'm a thrower. I throw 8 pound balls around, along with the discus. The coach also makes me run in the relay with the throwing girls. We won 3rd place, out of 3 teams. But that's okay, cause we got metals for our wonderful 3rd place anyhow.
  • I'm sick right now, but since I'm stubborn, I went to school anyhow and will continue to do so until I pass out because I'm a horrible overachiever who can't miss school just to stay in bed and do nothing.
  • Yen's graduating. And I don't know what to get her. I'll probably cut some of the neighbor's flowers.
And that's about it in my life right now. I hope everyone else is doing well. Peace out "homies".

Chilled now.

It's getting pretty hot today, but I'm pretty chilled. I'm not stressing right now since I took care of my two problems. I managed to add my AH110 class, which turns out to be simpler than people told me. Thanks to the counselor Roy at city, we took care of that and it turns out to be easiler than everyone made it to be. I didn't even need to partition. The person who told me that didn't quite understand the rules and guidelines for AP students and made it harder for everyone.

As for my UC Davis thing, my paperwork was all completed and done in time. I'm now ready to start my volunteer job this Sunday.

For everything else, I'm just going to try and be a taoist about it. If it happens, it happens. If not, oh well.

Yen is going crazy with spraying the lysol. I swear, it's ruining my brain. I think she uses too much but she says it's just fine. However, whatever she uses it, I can't seem to even take a step into her room without my head hurting and my lungs choking. Damn chemicals.

Oh man, I woke up at 5 this morning, since that has become my regular wake up time, thanks to my zero period and all those early morning extra credit for Zazzi. Well anyways, I turned on the TV and decided to watch a soccer match on the spanish channel since it had just began. I had no idea what the announcer was saying, but man, Argentina was slaughtering the other team. Final score 6-0. Argentina made the first shot in 20 minutes and it kept on coming. 

However, I noticed that Argentina's players kept falling and tripping and whatnot. Either the other team is really rough on Argentina, or Argentina is really good at faking it.

Another thing was sometimes, it was thanks to the other team's own player that the ball went in. I think it was like two times that the ball when in because it bounced off the opposite team's player.

I really don't know what to think. Either Argentina is really good, or the other team is really bad.

Another thing I noticed was that Argentina had a hella good goalie. The other team's goalie kept moving too much or something and it allowed Argentina to score.

Well, that is Thao's little weird soccer review.

Last Day of Sophomore Year

Wow, the school year is finally over, but yet I don't feel anything. I don't feel that joyful or less stresed. I'm just still the same old stresseful girl. Today, I didn't really have much emotion for the last day of school like I usually would. I just don't really care much for high school right now.

Perhaps because I'm still stressed out about my saccity classes. It's not the classes itself, but this process of Advance Education classes  that I have to go through. I'm officially enrolled in Viet 401 and everything is good to go. However, I'm unofficially taking AH 110 - Medicial Language with Yen also and I want to add this class. However, I can only have up to six credits and with this extra class, I'll end up with seven. I either have to drop Viet 401, which I wouldn't have much of a problem with, or I can go through this stressful process of chasing down my school officials to sign my paperwork.

Of course, being the stressful girl I like to be, I chose the stressful way of doing things. I basically chose to be stressful. I chase after stress. I don't know why I rather make life harder for myself. Perhaps it's because I'm an idiot? Who knows.

Another thing I'm stressing over is my UC Davis Medical Center volunteer medical clearance. I'm really hoping that they finish with the X-ray by tomorrow, or else I can't start on Sunday and will have to delay my start day. I wouldn't have to worry about a stupid x-ray, but I am TB positive on the skin test. So I need to take an x-ray to show that my lungs are normal and whatever.

I like Yen's medical language class. It's really easy, the teacher's super nice and awesome, and I'm actually extremely motivated towards that class. I basically aced today's quiz. I think I even got the bonus word right. Otorhinolaryngoloy - the study of the mouth, ear, and throat. I love being in that class.

The Viet 401 class is alright.Except I don't like the teacher, I don't like most of my classmates. Most of them are high schoolers, the annoying ones, like the ones I deal with in my HISP class, except these girls are dumber. They're just so annoying. I just can't stand people like them. Watch, they probably can't stand me. But whatever, I keep to myself in that class. And I basically need to teach myself Vietnamese since the teacher sucks.

Chemistry Joke

My friend AIMed me this and it completely made my day. I got a pretty good laugh from it.

I had a weird inspiration to try for medicine as a career again. It was thanks to Mr. Wong's video today. It was a documentation of a chinese boy who is a pre-med student. He goes through 2 years of filming his life and how he progresses toward his goal as a doctor. At first, he is completely unsure of what he wants to do. All he knows is that he likes to please people and he wants to please his parents. He HAS to be a doctor. Anyways, he takes a physics final and gets his first B ever. He cried and was shocked by it.

Oh course, Thao is so awful that she is praying for a B in chemistry right now.

I have been considering the field of medicine for some time now and I think I might want to give it a try. I know that it's really hard and long, very competitive also. However, I like to aim high and if I miss, hopefully, I won't fall too low. I need to do some research and talk to people for more information. I also want to go job shadowing and find a place where I can volunteer that would help me be on the right track for medicine. If I get really desperate, I guess I could ask my own doctor, but I really don't like her...

Anyways, I hope you like the chemistry joke and if you heard it already, then I'm sorry, I'm such a slow loser who is behind the trends of society...

A Failure

Yay, my birthday is coming up! Last night was great. Thanks for coming and the presents. I hope you guys enjoy the birthday dinner. It's been a while since I've seen you all.

As for my high school life, it's starting to go down the drain. I'm getting more and more lazy. I feel like I care less and less about school. I lost my motivation to do my homework right away afterschool. I lost my dedication to study like I should. I'm only in my sophmore year of high school but yet, I'm letting it drop. I keep telling myself I need to do it, yet I let myself get distracted and be lazy. I'm no longer the perfect student that I want to be. 

My sophmore year hasn't been the best year for me. I didn't even start off the year right. Normally, when I come back to school from summer break, I'm so eager and excited. However, this year, that feeling was missing. I lost my passion for school, it seems. It didn't help how my life became more and more disorganized. I find myself more and more pissed at my dad. My dad and I don't exactly have that open relationship. We never have a conversation unless it's about something we need. In a way, he raised me in silence. I have so much hatred for him and I know I shouldn't hate my dad, but I can't seem to find any love for him. Sometimes, I feel like I can't even live with him.

As for my mom, it's the opposite. Our relationship has gotten better and I love her more than ever. I appreciate all that she does for me and my family. We actually talk about other things than hunger or car rides. She's the reason why I want to try. She's the last person I want to disappoint. However, I feel guilty that I'm not working as hard as her.

But no matter how much I tell myself I need to do it, I just can't give it my all. Is this normal for high school students to be depressed? I know it's nothing like college. If I'm getting worked up in high school, how am I going to handle college?

Happy Lunar New Year!

My first semester of sophmore year is finally over. It certainly isn't my best semester and hopefully it'll be my worst becase I don't want any more bad semesters. I have an A in critical thinking, precalculus, world literature, and ROTC. I have a 78% in chemistry, giving me a C. As for french and world literature, I have no idea because the teachers didn't finish grading yesterday. I did really bad on the french final...

Since I completely fail my new years resolution, I shall try again with lunar new year's resolution.

1. Take my calcium pills. One in the morning and one at night.

2. Use my acne cream every night.

3. Get straight A's again.

4. Run at least a mile a week on my own time.

Well, off I go to organize my room.

Bowling for Finals

Bowling was extremely fun tonight. I really enjoyed it. It was my second time bowling in reality, as in holding a real bowling ball and using my own body instead of the keyboard and my virutally weightless bowling balls. Also, I want the pictures you guys took on the camera. Yes, including the butts.

You scored as Mathematics. You should be a Math major! Like Pythagoras, you are analytical, rational, and when are always ready to tackle the problem head-on!






























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Yeah, I was thinking about majoring in math, but the downfall is that there's not a lot of interesting careers in that major. Seriously!!

Man, I hate chemistry with a passion right now. Damn Zazzi. I have a 75% in his class and I haven't taken the stupid final yet. My grade is gonna drop like a bowling ball. Gah!! I used to love chemistry in 8th grade with my "top grade in the class" for the chemistry test. I'm so sad. I feel like a failure because this is high school and it's supposed to be easy! If I can't handle this, how can I handle college!?! Gah?!?! My grades for sophmore 1st semesters are so horrible.

Zazzi is the devil

Waa...I got a 96/150 on my chapter one test for chemistry. That's a D!! Class average. It brought my grade down 11%. I went from 94% to a 83%.

And it will keep on falling. I don't think I like chemistry. I must take note to stay away from it in the future.

Zazzi's room is freezing cold. It doesn't help the fact that I have it first period.

I do not understand chemistry. It confuses me. Chemical names...charges...wtf... Completely lost.

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